Инвестиционные предложения и площадки

Construction of the primary processing of livestock and meat logistics

Construction enterprises producing confectionery products with capacity up to 0,5 tons / day

The construction of greenhouses for growing mushrooms

Creation of manufacture on cultivation of oyster mushrooms

Construction of an incubator of a full cycle

Accommodation of fishing parking with clearing and an accomplishment of the channel in area of estuary Irshin of Primorsko-A

The organization of a hothouse economy for small business

Construction of a factory on conservation of agricultural production

Construction grain elevator (volume of 40 000 ton)

Construction of flour-grinding combine

Construction of a vegetable and fruit juices factory in Primorsko-Akhtarsk

Construction of a mineral water bottling factory based on the mineral water deposit «Medunitsa»

Construction of a fish processing complex

Construction of the shop for primary milk processing

Enterprise-growing fish in the pond farms

Construction of hothouse complex with use of geothermal water supply

Organization of production of deep processing of pumpkin

Placement of manufacture of exclusive phyto teas on the basis of vegetative raw material of representatives of ecologically

The company producing skin

Plant for the manufacture of starch and molasses

Beer factory

Construction of the plant for deep processing of rice husk

Poultry farms сonstruction


The organization of manufacture of phytotea

Sugar plant

The multipurpose complex

Construction of the greenhouse complex

Construction of the pectin factory

Construction of а feed-processing plant

Construction of а cannery combine

Construction of а cannery combine

Construction of the mill, fumatory shop, warehouse in bowery Novenky.

Construction of the bakery mini-plant

Construction of a sunflower oilcake extraction plant

Fishery use of fish-breeding tracts

Construction of a hog-raising farm

Building of the workshop for the production of the frozen mixed vegetables

Construction of a pig-breeding complex of a full cycle

Construction of an enterprise for produce of rush densification

Сonstruction of the hot-houses and wigs

Construction of hothouse complex on vegetable production

Construction of a stud farm

Construction of a plant producing preserved fruits, jam, juices and mineral water bottling

Construction of a plant producing starch and treacle from corn

The livestock complex on breeding cattle and pigs, a slaughterhouse and primary meat processing

Construction of hothouse complex

Placing fisheries in the area of art. Sergiуevskaya

Reconstruction of the meat-packing plant in the city Korenovsk

Construction of an enterprise for quarrying of a sapropel and processing it to a humus in Zarechniy village in Novopokrovski

Construction of a pig-breeding complex

Construction of a greenhouse complex on growing, packaging and processing of vegetables

Construction of a greenhouse complex for roses raising and cutting off

Construction of an enterprise for slaughtering of cattle

Construction of a mini-sausage plant

Construction of plant on sturgeon fish cultivation by the closed water supply method (2nd phase)

Hothouse complex

Construction of milk processing plant

Construction of the plant for the production and bottling of bottled water

Construction of mega-farms on 1,200 head of cattle in the Korenovsky district

Construction of a hothouse complex with use of a geothermal heat supply

Building of pectinaceous factory

Building a business raising turkeys

Construction of the workshop for manufacture of frozen half-finished products

Construction of Greenhouse Complex

Construction of shop on processing meat in item Perepravnaya

Construction company for recycling

Hothouse Complex

Organization of mushrooms growing and processing business in Starokorsunskaya village

Construction of the elevator

Construction of a complex of growing cattle

Construction of pig breeding farm for fattening piglets of European selectiony

Construction logistik park

The plant on freezing and drying of agricultural products

Construction of shop processing milk

Construction of flower and decorative crops nursery in Starokorsunskaya stanitsa

Construction of a nursery-garden for flowers and ornamental plants in Novyi village

Factory on production and bottling of potable water and drinks

Construction of vegetable storehouse and intrusion system of drip irrigation

Construction sausage mini - a shop

Construction of factory on agricultural products processing

Construction of hot house and development of open ground vegetable growing

Construction of the farms and reconstruction old capacities for cattle breeding

Construction of stock-rearing farm for 100 heads cattle

Reconstruction of the farm for grown up cattle on 800 heads

Construction of storage and grain crops processing complex

Granary construction

A fish processing mini plant

A plant for production of canned meat

Accommodation of a complex on manufacture of mixed fodders

Construction of green house complex in Aleksee-Tenginskaya village

A wholesale and retail complex on the harvesting and sale of agricultural products.

Greenhouse complex

Accommodation of a factory on processing a sugar beet

A greenhouse complex for growing vegetables

Construction of the combine on production of the food-stuffs in farm Kulikovskiy of the Leningradskiy district

Factory building on extraction and pouring of pure potable water

The Construction tin plant on conversion vegetables and fruit in village Pervomayskiy Leningradskiy district

Construction of a factory on processing milk

Сonstruction mini-plant on production of the soya prod-ucts in Pervomayskoe rural settling

Construction mini-food combine (production meat, vege-table half-finished item) in farm Kulikovskiy

Construction of factory on processing fruit, berries, vegetables and release lactofermented juices, tomato paste, candied fr

The Construction of the complex on conversion of meat in village Octyabrskiy Novoumanskiy rural settling

Construction hothouse of the complex in Pervomayskoe rural settling

Construction of the base on conversion and keeping of fish in Leningradskaya village

Building of a hothouse complex

Construction of the poultry farm

Construction of a cattle-breeding complex and a greenhouse farm

Construction of a meat processing and packing complex

Building of a trout economy

Building of the factory to process and conservation of fruits and vegetables

Construction of a grain processing complex

Cultivation of vegetables by hothouse way

The organisation of production of mixed fodders

Organisation production of fowl and puho-perovogo raw materials

The organisation of production of meat products

Building of a hothouse complex

Location of pig-breeding complex

Location of rice husk processing industrial complex

Location of mega farm for 1200 cows

Location of a hothouse complex

Location of a hothouse complex

Location of a hothouse complex

Building of a mill complex of capacity 200 tones per day and an elevator for 20 000 tones

Cultivation of a horned cattle of 1500 goals


Construction of the enterprise for organizing wire production (nails, screws, bolts, etc.)

Construction of working area for joiner production

Construction of plastic dishware factory

Construction of producing laminate

Producing of Polyethylene Terephthalate Bottles (capacity 0.33 – 5 litters)

Building of a factory on production of polyethylene pipes

Building Glass Factory

Construction of toilet paper plant

Factory building on assemblage of building cars, municipal and agricultural machinery of a small class.

Organization (construction) of production on toughening and bending of glass

Construction of hardware and carcass workshop

Plant construction for the fuel pellets production

Plant on goffer package production

The company producing packaging for food products

Construction of a sewing workshop

Organization of production of packing from polypropylene

Industrial park

Construction shop rolling

Construction of Industrial Technology Park "Tikhoretsky" for small and medium business

Construction of the enterprise on manufacture of wooden houses in item Bagovskaya

Factory building on production of profile pipes

Construction of plant for the production of packaging materials for food industry

Shop building on production of case furniture

Manufacture of plastic packing