Gambling zone «Azov-City»

Presentation of Gambling zone

Project name Gambling zone «Azov-City»
Location of the project Sherbinovskiy district
Industry classification Resorts and tourism
Basic information about the project
Project essence «Azov-City» is the most southern of four Russian gambling areas. It is situated at the Azov seaside. On the territory of gambling zone «Azov-City» it is planned to build the fol-lowing objects: - gambling establishments; - resort objects (hotel complex-es, yacht-clubs, water-parks, marines, golf-clubs, horse-riding complexes and other objects)
Project purpose «Azov-City» as a new resort on the south part of Russia
Project capacity Annual quantity of tourists will be over 6,5 million people
Consumer market description Tourists with high and medium in-come level
Competitive advantage «Azov-City» is the first from the forth gambling zones of Russia, it is also the southern. It provides the op-portunity of the development of this territory not only as a gambling zone, but as a new resort as well.
Resource availability for project realization There are all necessary resources for complex construction on the territory of the region
Planned volume of resource consumption (annual)
Degree of project development Concept of gambling zone develop-ment; General plan of Schabelskoe settle-ment; Area planning scheme of Scherbi-novsky district; Land plots of the first development stage are formed for investors
Financial estimation of the project
Total cost of the project, mln rubles 350
Previously involved means, million rubles 0,8
Investment capacity, mln rubles 349,2
Conditions of investor participation Direct investments
Form of investments return Monetary
Basic indicators of investment project economic efficiency
Income Total profit from gambling, hotel, trade and entertainment activity will be 200-400 bln rub to 2017
Land characteristics
Location Scherbinovsky district, Schabelskoe settlement «Gambling zone» Azov-City»
Cadastral number of quarter 23:36:0101000
Land plot area (m2) 1002ha
Ground categories 461 ha – industry lands; 541 ha – agricultural lands;
Kind of permitted use In accordance with urban planning documentation
Information on proprietor (franchisor) of ground area
Proprietor Government property
Characteristics of existing engineering infrastructure
Infrastructure typeCapacity, diameterDistance to the connection point (m)
Power supply Electrical substation 35/10kv «Molchanovskaya» on the territory of gambling zone; Two complete transformer substations -10/0,4 on the territory of first development stage; Distribution network of electricity supply inside the territory of gambling zone «Azov-City»;
Gas supply Constructed gas pipe line from the village Schabelskoe to the village Molchanovka, the volume of the consumption - 1600 m3/hour, the gas pressure on the gas spreading system exit is 0,445 MPa.
Water supply - pressure water lone from water pressure station (WPS) «Yeyskoe Ukreplenie» to the territory of «Azov-City»; - water main on the territory of first development stage;
Sewerage system - the first lineup of treatment facilities of rainwater disposal and utility sewage; - storage buildings for clean water and pump point; - networks of rainwater and service-industry sewage on the terri-tory of the first stage of gambling zone.
Distance up to the large residential places and objects of transport infrastructure
Remoteness fromNameDistance (km)
Municipality center Staroscherbinovskaya village 30
Center of federal subject Krasnodar City 240
Highway (regional, federal significance) Yeysk-Krasnodar – 30, Ě4 "Don" - 70
Roads of local significance on the territory
Nearest railway station Staroscherbinovskaya village 30
Nearest railway lines Staroscherbinovskaya village 30
Airport Krasnodar City, Rostov-on-Don City 240,120
Seaport Yeysk 80