Designing and construction of a balneal complex «Medunitsa», operation of mineral wells

Project name Designing and construction of a balneal complex «Medunitsa», operation of mineral wells
Location of the project Otradnenskiy district
Industry classification Resorts and tourism
Basic information about the project
Project essence The total area projected balneal hospital which will settle down in borders of Peredovaya rural settlement, will make 3 hectares. In territory there will be 17 cottages for accommodation of visitors. Design throughput of a clinic makes up to 100 visitings in day. The complex includes the administrative block, the block for baths, the block for phisiotherapy (physiotherapy room, phito bar, a hall of aromatherapy, the built in sauna with pool, a massage cabinet), an exercise room, an athletic ground. The sleeping block is rated on 30 places, a cottage - on 6 places, cafe and a dining room - on 50. All is planned to connect blocks of buildings with transitive galleries. The personnel, except for the qualified experts, will be taken from local residents. Roughly, 37 persons is planned to be employed. Construction of the closed pool by the area is planned for territories of the ground area 50\30 m. and 120 sq.m. for an open one.
Project capacity 100 visitings per day
Financial estimation of the project
Total cost of the project, mln rubles 247,757 mln. rub.
Investment capacity, mln rubles 200,000 mln. rub.
Conditions of investor participation Direct investment (80%), private-state partnership
Payback period 5,3 years
Land characteristics
Location Otradnensky district, on northern side of Peredovaya rural settle-ment, in 1000 meters to the south of territory Udobnaya regional psychiatric hospital
Land plot area (m2) 30 000 sq. m.
Ground categories Agricultural use
Characteristics of existing engineering infrastructure
Infrastructure typeCapacity, diameterDistance to the connection point (m)
Power supply ÊÒP 600 ÊVA 0
Gas supply - not stipulated
Water supply drinking water – d-100 ìì; mineral water - d-63 mm 0
Sewerage system Vseptic = 10,8 m3 Dpipe=100-150mm not closer than 5-6 meters from building
Distance up to the large residential places and objects of transport infrastructure
Remoteness fromNameDistance (km)
Municipality center village Otradnaya 30
Center of federal subject city Krasnodar 330
Highway (regional, federal significance) Rostov-on-Don - Makhachkala 110
Roads of local significance village Otradnaya – settlement Ilich 0,5
Nearest railway station «Armavir-Rostovskiy» 110
Nearest railway lines town Armavir 110
Airport town Armavir 110
Seaport town Novorossiysk 470