Construction of balneal pool with usage of thermal water of well hole ¹ 6 in the village Otradnaya

Project name Construction of balneal pool with usage of thermal water of well hole ¹ 6 in the village Otradnaya
Location of the project Otradnenskiy district
Industry classification Resorts and tourism
Basic information about the project
Project essence Construction of the closed pool by the area 50\30 m. is planned Planned the construction of hotel which will have comfortable numbers, cafe, bar, library. Capacity of hotel - 43 persons. For accommodation of clients of hotel various categories of numbers, differing one from another by the area, furniture, the equipment, equipment and so on are stipulated: - Double hotel rooms - standard – 15 rooms; - Two-room double hotel rooms LUX – advanced quality- 2rooms; - Three-person rooms- standard - 3 rooms In a building of hotel the cafe will function with a bar on 50 per-sons
Project capacity Pool – 85000 persons/hour per year Accommodation– 3890 persons/days Cafe– 35000 persons a year
Financial estimation of the project
Total cost of the project, mln rubles 42.3 mln. rub.
Investment capacity, mln rubles 42.3 mln. rub.
Conditions of investor participation Direct investment (100%)
Payback period 5 years
Land characteristics
Location Otradnensky district, village Otradnaya street Shosseynaya
Land plot area (m2) 58700 sq. m.
Ground categories Settlement lands
Characteristics of existing engineering infrastructure
Infrastructure typeCapacity, diameterDistance to the connection point (m)
Power supply The basic power supply from subs-tation110/35/10kW on line -10kW a feeder «02». Capacity and type feeding ÊÒP-10/0,4 kW is defined at designing (not less 100ÊVÀ) 300
Gas supply Not stipulated In case of need gasification of object is possible from a bringing underground gas main line of a high pressure on settlement Urupsky after updating the general scheme of gas supply of village Otrad-naya
Water supply Vtank=50m3 In connection with absence of the necessary debit of water on a water-fence of a village Otradnaya and absence of a technical opportunity of construction of a waterpipe it is necessary to provide an independent source of water supply
Sewerage system Vseptic= 10,8 m3 Dpipe=100-150mm 5-6 meters (from buildings)
Distance up to the large residential places and objects of transport infrastructure
Remoteness fromNameDistance (km)
Municipality center village Otradnaya 0
Center of federal subject city Krasnodar 300
Highway (regional, federal significance) Rostov-on-Don – Makhachkala 80
Roads of local significance village Otradnaya – town Armavir 0,075
Nearest railway station town Armavir 80
Nearest railway lines town Armavir 80
Airport town Armavir 80
Seaport town Novorossiysk 440