Construction of auto camping

Project name Construction of auto camping
Location of the project Otradnenskiy district
Industry classification Resorts and tourism
Basic information about the project
Project essence The description of objects of prospective construction: Access roads (100 m. from motorway) and soil parking 400 sq.m. (100vehicles). Small houses of summer type (the area 21 sq. m - 25 units, the area 25 sq. m. - 25 units, the area 30 sq.m. - 25 units). Ground for tents (40 000 sq. m. for 200 places). Rent point of household items. Athletic fields: Basketball ground (summer) - the area 216, 0 sq.m. Field for mini-football - the area 560,0 sq.m. Volleyball ground (summer) - the area 216,0 sq.m. 6. A medical aid station: 7. An administrative premise. 8. Kitchen for the general using. A dining room on 30 persons; 9. Toilets. 10. Shower rooms.
Project capacity The expected designed capacity of a planned camping, allows to accept as a whole 9 375 persons for a season (180 days at average duration of stay of the tourist of 5 days and 50 % to loading of a camping), that will make 3 375 - accommodation in small houses, 6000 - accommodation in tents. It will make 1,1 % from the general share of the market (850 ths. auto tourists).
Financial estimation of the project
Total cost of the project, mln rubles 24,582 mln. rub.
Investment capacity, mln rubles 24,582 mln. rub.
Conditions of investor participation Direct investment (100%)
Payback period 6,5 years
Land characteristics
Location Krasnodar region, Otradnensky district, northern side of village Pe-redovaya, 1500 meters to south west of settlement Penkozavod
Land plot area (m2) 80 000 sq. m.
Ground categories Agricultural lands
Characteristics of existing engineering infrastructure
Infrastructure typeCapacity, diameterDistance to the connection point (m)
Power supply ÊÒP – 100ÊVÀ Line-10kW Power source: PS 35/10kW «Peredovaya» Necessary to construct 100 meters Line-10kW
Gas supply - Not stipulated
Water supply Vtank=3,6 m3 0 (independent water supply)
Sewerage system Vseptic=7,2m3 5-6 meters from buildings (constructions)
Distance up to the large residential places and objects of transport infrastructure
Remoteness fromNameDistance (km)
Municipality center village Otradnaya 40
Center of federal subject city Krasnodar 340
Highway (regional, federal significance) Rostov-on-Don – Makhachkala 120
Roads of local significance village Otradnaya – settlement Ilich 0,1
Nearest railway station station “Armavir – Rostovskiy” 120
Nearest railway lines town Armavir 120
Airport town Armavir 120
Seaport town Novorossiysk 480