Organization of production of lime fertilizer

Project name Organization of production of lime fertilizer
Location of the project Dinskoy district
Industry classification Agriculture
Basic information about the project
Project essence The project describes the organization of production of lime fertilizer from the waste products of sugar beet - the filter cake (defecation mud) in the company of \"Dinsksahar\", followed by packing. To place the projected production is proposed to use the existing assets of the company LTD Dinsksahar: -Land allotment, free space of the main production area S = 300 square meters, warehouse space. During the processing of sugar beets in the company of LTD \"Dinsksahar\" is produced annually and delivered to the field of filtration up to 10% of filter cake (defecation mud) on the amount of recycled materials, the power plant project - 3600 tons of beet per day. Given the lack of recycling technologies, defecation mud remains waste. Defecation mud (waste sugar production) is a promising material for the cultivation of the soil with calcium deficiency. Products: organic fertilizer (deoxidant soil) - used as a lime fertilizer for sugar beet in soils with high acidity.
Financial estimation of the project
Total cost of the project, mln rubles 20,0 mln.rub
Investment capacity, mln rubles 20,0 mln.rub
Payback period 2,3 years
Land characteristics
Location Dinskoy Region, Dinskaya village, highway Dinskaya-Krasnoselsk
Land plot area (m2) 1 0000 m2