Construction of a processing milk Manufacture

Project name Construction of a processing milk Manufacture
Location of the project Dinskoy district
Industry classification Agriculture
Basic information about the project
Project essence The project proposed the construction department for processing raw milk productivity 3,000 tons per day. Appointment of dairy manufacture - receiving, cleaning, cooling and processing of milk. The main products of the Milk processing plant will be: pasteurized milk (SEM 2.5%) in a plastic bag capacity 1,0 liter and 0,5 liters; cream (SEM 20%), packed in plastic bags in volume 0,5 liters and in assortment list includes kefir (SEM 2.5%) - packed in bags of 0,5 liters and 1,0 liter; curd weight (SEM 9%), milk whey - packaged volume 1.0 liters. The volume and product mix may vary depending on market needs. This equipment allows expanding the assortment list of products, including liquid milk foods. Production in the dairy factory is a waste-free, because the serum can be used for further processing.
Financial estimation of the project
Total cost of the project, mln rubles 6,919 mln.rub
Investment capacity, mln rubles 6,919 mln.rub
Payback period 3,4 years
Land characteristics
Location Westernpart of Pervorechenskoe settlement, Naberezhnaya Street
Land plot area (m2) 7000 m2