Hothouse economy

Project name Hothouse economy
Location of the project Krimskiy district
Industry classification Agriculture
Basic information about the project
Project essence Rich soils and good climatic conditions create ample opportunities for development of all branches of agriculture. The important direction of agriculture is cultivation of vegetables, fruit, greens and colours. For today consumers with the big trust concern an agriculture domestic production, rather than to their import analogues. Vegetables grown up by a hothouse complex will possess high quality and excellent taste.
Project capacity It is annually planned to realise vegetables of the closed ground of 1 280 tons at the price of 32 000 rbl. for ton.
Financial estimation of the project
Total cost of the project, mln rubles 26, 078 million rbl.
Investment capacity, mln rubles 26,078 million rbl.
Conditions of investor participation Direct investments
Payback period 4 years
Land characteristics
Location The Krymsk area, Varenikovsky rural settlement, the item Varenikovsky, section 17, a contour 91
Land plot area (m2) 260 000 sq.m.
Ground categories The earths of agricultural purpose
Characteristics of existing engineering infrastructure
Infrastructure typeCapacity, diameterDistance to the connection point (m)
Power supply 3 MW, PS 110 kV \"Varenikovsky\" on pressure 6 kV The object electrical supply will be possible from PS 110 kV \"Varenikovsky\" on pressure 6 kV after performance of works on reconstruction - 3000 m
Gas supply Loading of 2,7 million m3/year, Dm-300mm Connection point projected / on the item Varenikovsky, distance - 400 m
Water supply No, drilling of an artesian chink by depth 280 m with the debit is recommended 25-35 m3/hour Estimated cost of drilling of-3 million rbl.
Sewerage system No, the device of cesspools No
Distance up to the large residential places and objects of transport infrastructure
Remoteness fromNameDistance (km)
Municipality center Krymsk 40
Center of federal subject The city of Krasnodar 150
Highway (regional, federal significance) Krymsk-Dzhiginka-Anapa 1,5
Roads of local significance Macadam road 1,5
Nearest railway station Travel of Chekon of the item Varenikovsky 1,5
Nearest railway lines The item Varenikovsky 1,5
Airport Anapa 40
Seaport Novorossisk 60