The enterprise on storage and processing of agricultural products

Project name The enterprise on storage and processing of agricultural products
Location of the project Kanevskiy district
Industry classification Consumer sphere
Basic information about the project
Project essence The enterprise on storage and processing of agricultural produce, with a processing capacity of 10 tons per hour. The plant will be built in compliance with the most up-to-date technologies to be equipped with modern hardware, which guarantees a high quality of all products. In the context of the project implementation it is planned to carry out a technological process on sealing the agricultural goods (vegetables and fruits) in the fruit and vegetable food jars, producing all sorts of jams, juices and bottling of mineral water.
Project capacity 6,314 thousand jars per year
Financial estimation of the project
Total cost of the project, mln rubles 175.2 million rubles
Investment capacity, mln rubles 175.2 million rubles
Conditions of investor participation Direct investments
Basic indicators of investment project economic efficiency
Simple payback time 3.5 years
Land characteristics
Location Krasnodar Region, Kanevskoy District, Chelbasskaya village, northwestern suburb
Land plot area (m2) 100,000 sq.m.
Ground categories Agricultural purpose lands
Characteristics of existing engineering infrastructure
Infrastructure typeCapacity, diameterDistance to the connection point (m)
Power supply A 110/35/10-kV substation of “Chelbasskaya” HVL-10 kV ChB-4 100
Gas supply A low pressure gas pipeline at Gagarina Street, 6.0 cubic meters /hour 50
Water supply A water pipeline at Gagarina Street, diameter – 100mm 50
Sewerage system Small treatment facilities On the site territory
Distance up to the large residential places and objects of transport infrastructure
Remoteness fromNameDistance (km)
Municipality center Kanevskaya village 30
Center of federal subject Krasnodar City 150
Highway (regional, federal significance) “Krasnodar - Yeisk” 30
Roads of local significance “Kanevskaya - Chelbasskaya” 0,01
Nearest railway station Kanevskaya village 34
Nearest railway lines Kanevskaya railroad 34
Airport Krasnodar City 160
Seaport Yeisk City 150