The ground under construction of cheese manufactory

Basic information about ground area
The planned use of land The ground under construction of cheese manufactory
Location of the project Uspenskiy district
Address of the location Krasnodar region, Uspensky district, aul Urupsky
Cadastral number of quarter 23:34: 05 02 001
Area of the declared (ě2) 20 000
Category of the earths Lands of settlements.
Kind of permitted use Under location of objects
Actual use Free territory
Availability of buildings, structures, constructions -
Authorizations, urban planning documentation The project of planning and building of aul Urupskiy, “CNIIEPgrajdanselstroy”, Moscow, 1973.
Information about the proprietor (legal owner) of the ground area
Proprietor State property
Legal owner Municipal formation.
Kind of rights State property before delimitation.
Information about burden
Kind of burden, restrictions Absent
Area of burden -
The characteristic of existing engineering infrastructure
Kind of infrastructureCapacity, diameterDistance to a connection point (m)
Electrical supply 10 kWt 60
Gas supply D=89 m.p. 100
Water supply D=76 mm 150
Water drain - -
Installation of telephones - Connection according to specification of OJSC “UTK”
Cost of maintenance of the ground area an engineering infrastructure (Million rbl.) 0,44
Distance till large settlements and objects of transport infrastructure
Remoteness fromThe nameDistance (km)
Center of municipal union v.Uspenskoe 19,5 km
Center of the subject of federation City Krasnodar 250 km
Highways (regional, federal value) Federal road “Caucasus” 15 km
Highways of local value «Konokovo-Urupskiy-Trehselskoe-Panteleimonovskoe» 0,1 km
The nearest railway station rail road station “Konokovo” 20 km
Nearest tracks - 20 km
Airport Airport – city Mineralnie Vody 185 km
Seaport city Novorossisk 400 km
The additional information about ground area
Special conditions The soil mostly present by brown clay, humous, wet, friable, solid with gravel and pebble up to 15 %, gravel and pebble soil of sidementary. Magmatic rock with size of pebble up to 80 mm. Underground water are reveal at the depth of 1,6-1,7 m. (18.01.1985). Seismicity of ground: 7 points on the Richter scale.
Cost of rent/repayment of ground area (million rubles) 18,0/410
Notes -