Banquet (dinner) hall

Basic information about ground area
The planned use of land Banquet (dinner) hall
Location of the project Tbilisskiy district
Address of the location Tbilisskaya Village, district of Pristantsionnaya str.
Area of the declared (ì2) 1046 square meters
Category of the earths Land under settlement
The characteristic of existing engineering infrastructure
Kind of infrastructureCapacity, diameterDistance to a connection point (m)
Electrical supply from existing power line PS 110/35/10 ê 50
Gas supply from existing gas pipe low pressure 100
Water supply from existing water pipe d-100mm, free pressure in system 1,5atm 25
Water drain septic
Distance till large settlements and objects of transport infrastructure
Remoteness fromThe nameDistance (km)
Center of municipal union Tbilisskaya village
Center of the subject of federation Krasnodar city 110
Highways (regional, federal value) «Temryuk-Krasnodar- Kropotkin» 3,3
Highways of local value existing motorway with asphaltic concrete pavement 0,05
The nearest railway station station Grechishkino 1
Nearest tracks «Krasnodar-Kropotkin» 0,12
Airport airport of Krasnodar 90
Seaport port of Novorossiysk 280
The additional information about ground area
Notes Municipal formation Tbilissky district Tel.: +7 (86158) 3 28 00; 2 31 61 Official e-mail: Official site of investments port:; Department of Consumer Sphere and Alcohol Market Control of the