Reconstruction and comprehensive development of resi-dential block ¹ 145

Basic information about ground area
The planned use of land Reconstruction and comprehensive development of resi-dential block ¹ 145
Location of the project Krasnodar city
Address of the location Krasnodar city, central intraurban district, residential block ¹ 145, Chapaeva, Bazovskaya, Karasunskaya, Levanevs-kogo streets.
Cadastral number of quarter 23:43:0303062
Area of the declared (ì2) 25092,4
Category of the earths Land of settlement
Kind of permitted use In accordance with general layout of Krasnodar city develop-ment, land plot relates to zone OD 1.
Actual use Real estate of natural and legal persons
Availability of buildings, structures, constructions Objects of real estate of legal and natural persons
Authorizations, urban planning documentation The decision of Krasnodar city Duma dated 30.01.2007 ¹ 19 clause 6 “About adoption of regulations of land tenure and building”, with changes of the decision dated 10.04.2008 ¹ 40 clause 1, dated 26.02.2009 ¹ 53 clause9 and dated 24.09.2009 ¹ 61 clause.7
Information about the proprietor (legal owner) of the ground area
Proprietor Natural and legal persons
Legal owner Natural and legal persons
Kind of rights Private property, leasing
Information about burden
Kind of burden, restrictions Settling of private residential sector, demolition of commer-cial real estate, social burden
Area of burden 25092,4
The characteristic of existing engineering infrastructure
Kind of infrastructureCapacity, diameterDistance to a connection point (m)
Electrical supply 590 kw 300
Gas supply Not required -
Water supply 429,3 m3/ 24hours 300
Water drain 429,3 m3/ 24hours 300
Installation of telephones design and construction of a single-duct conduit to the existent central server of telecommunication
Cost of maintenance of the ground area an engineering infrastructure (Million rbl.) 54,0
Distance till large settlements and objects of transport infrastructure
Remoteness fromThe nameDistance (km)
Center of municipal union Krasnodar city 0
Center of the subject of federation Krasnodar city 0
Highways (regional, federal value) 2 3
Highways of local value 0 0
The nearest railway station Krasnodar - 1 5
Nearest tracks 5
Airport 15
Seaport Novorossiysk city 150
The additional information about ground area
Special conditions At the present moment subsoil water level is 2-4 m. Taking into consideration subsoil water, initial seismicity of ground is 7,5 points.
Cost of rent/repayment of ground area (million rubles) Estimation required
Notes Rent is provided on the conditions of an auction for the right to conclude the contract for development of built-up areas