For placing the industry and office objects, building, communal services, sale, provision.

Basic information about ground area
The planned use of land For placing the industry and office objects, building, communal services, sale, provision.
Location of the project Gulkevichskiy district
Address of the location about 520 ì from the reference point to the west, name of the reference point – at a road fork Gulkevichi and Maikopskoe, postal address of reference point: Gulkevichi, Krasnodar district
Cadastral number of quarter 23:06:2101002:55
Area of the declared (ì2) 3487
Category of the earths area of industry, transport, energetics
Kind of permitted use For placing the industry and office objects, building, communal services, sale, provision
Actual use Anusing
Availability of buildings, structures, constructions no
Authorizations, urban planning documentation The General plan of Gulkevichi districkt, affirmed of solution 7 session of II convocation council of Gulkevichi 29 january 2010 ¹3/7
Information about the proprietor (legal owner) of the ground area
Proprietor Property of state
Legal owner The area is the property of administration of municipal corporatio’s Gulkevichi district
Kind of rights -
Information about burden
Kind of burden, restrictions No
Area of burden No
The characteristic of existing engineering infrastructure
Kind of infrastructureCapacity, diameterDistance to a connection point (m)
Electrical supply The transmission equipment 10kW. Needs reconstruction of the Substation 110/35/6 kW «Gulkevichi» 300 m
Gas supply D 250 mm Needs reconstruction of the gas-distribution Station of Gulkevichi. In compliance with the master plan of gas supply of Gulkevichi. Needs the replacement of gas pipeline with high pressure D 250 mm by D 400 mm length 3 km 200 m
Water supply D 100 mm 250 m
Water drain Treatment facilities of open joint-stock society Gulkevichsky Factory-farm Building Company 2520 m
Installation of telephones 2 pair 300 m
Cost of maintenance of the ground area an engineering infrastructure (Million rbl.) 6,3 (nonmetering cost for reconstruction the complex of elektropower supply and gas supply, will be define at planing)
Distance till large settlements and objects of transport infrastructure
Remoteness fromThe nameDistance (km)
Center of municipal union Gulkevichi 5
Center of the subject of federation Krasnodar 160
Highways (regional, federal value) Ì29 Rostov-Mahachkala 4
Highways of local value Gulkevichi – Maikopskoe 4
The nearest railway station Gulkevichi 8
Nearest tracks Gulkevichi 8
Airport Krasnodar 163
Seaport Novorossisk 301
The additional information about ground area
Special conditions Seismicitiy 6 ball
Cost of rent/repayment of ground area (million rubles) yearly rent price 45924 rub