Allocation of the different goods shop

Basic information about ground area
The planned use of land Allocation of the different goods shop
Location of the project Goraychiy Kluych city
Address of the location 353290, Goryachiy Klyuch city, Kutaisskiy rural district, vil.Kura Cece, Oktyabrskaya str., the area of local club
Area of the declared (́2) 120
Category of the earths Land of settlements
The characteristic of existing engineering infrastructure
Kind of infrastructureCapacity, diameterDistance to a connection point (m)
Electrical supply 200 kVt 27
Gas supply None -
Water supply None -
Water drain None -
Distance till large settlements and objects of transport infrastructure
Remoteness fromThe nameDistance (km)
Center of municipal union Goryachiy Klyuch city 20
Center of the subject of federation Krasnodar city 70
Highways (regional, federal value) FAD “Don” M 4 21
Highways of local value Goryachiy Kluch- Hadijenckaya road 2
The nearest railway station Railway station Goryachiy Klyuch city 25
Nearest tracks Railway station Goryachiy Klyuch city 23
Airport Airport in Krasnodar city 75
Seaport Novorossiysk 170
The additional information about ground area
Notes Head of municipal formation Goryachiy Klyuch city Schvartzman Nikolay Ishilievich Post address: 353290, Russia, the Krasnodarskiy region, Goryachiy Klyuch city,Lenina str.,191, Telephone/fax:8(86159) 3-51-52,